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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Exposing Bombardier!

Big shout out to SFT Concordia members Chris and Noah who recently left Bombardier representatives speechless after they began leafleting in front of a Bombardier recruitment display at Concordia University. The display was part of an engeneering career fair. After handing out leaflets for about 15 minutes, Chris and Noah were approached by the Engeneering Students Society president and told to leave because "Bombardier paid for its booth" and protests are not permitted in the building where the display was located. After much discussion Chris and Noah agreed to leaflet at the entrance but not before they contacted the campus newspaper - check out the blog later this week as we'll be sure to post the article from the Concordia Sower

You too can help expose Bombardier on your campus! Contact your local engeneering societies to find out if Bombardier recruiters are planning a visit anytime soon to your campus. Make sure to have copies of the downloadable cartoon and leaflets - click here.

Other ways you can do help increase pressure on Bombardier:
1) Contact you MP and ask him/her to write a letter to Bombardier CEO Laurent Beaudoin, click here for more details and a sample letter for your MP to send.
2) Download the cartoon (click here), and post it up around campus and in your community. Be creative
3) If you live in the Montreal area and are interested in helping leaflet the Bombardier headquarters, contact SFT Montreal, click here

Images speak louder than words - and this picture exposes it all.

Liu Zhijun, Minister of Railways of China and Laurent Beaudoin, CEO of Bombardier sign a cooperation agreement with Hu Jintao and Paul Martin in the background.


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