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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Photos from SFT Vancouver's Human Rights Day Event!

Photos of the mock sweatshop/prison labour camp street theatre organized by SFT Vancouver for International Human Rights Day.

We were set-up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery from 10am-4pm and handed out more than 300 leaftets about human rights abuses in Tibet. Lots of people stopped by our table to sign letters and petitions and even those who rushed by were still aware of what was going on!

Mock Sweatshop Set-up on International Human Rights Day

This past Saturday, December 10th, members of SFT Vancouver commemorated International Human Rights Day in downtown Vancouver, appealing to the public to boycott Chinese made goods this holiday season. A mock sweatshop/prison labour camp was set-up (with four sewing machines in two rows) and a Chinese prison official was constantly yelling at the prisoners to "hurry up, it's the holiday season", "double order, no breaks" etc. It was super effective as many children were concerned and asking their parents why these people were being treated so poorly. On a lighter note, we rented a large fuzzy stuffed bear costume, which walked around with a "Boycott Made in China" sign, handing out leaflet asking shoppers to shop ethically this holiday season. We had numerous letters and petitions for people to sign (including the Beaudoin/Grinch cards!) and our information table was swamped.

The media turn-out was really good! Click here to see a picture of the event printed in one of Vancouver's free daily magazines (which everyone reads even if they won't admit it), a clip on the evening news and radio interviews with CBC and some other local stations.

It's always inspiring to realize how many people support Tibetan independence and were eager to sign our petition and letters.

Stay tunned for more pictures!