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Saturday, January 21, 2006

BOD Retreat Update #2

Hello there world,

So, today, SFT Canada’s Board is enjoying a – what we are told – proves quintessentially Vancouver January day. That means its raining outside (beats Montreal, where it’s probably cold and icy. I digress).
Right now we’re on a lunch break, so I thought I’d stick up an update.
In all seriousness, what a morning. We got up, had breakfast, and then went into the thick of it by 9 am. We discussed some upcoming projects for SFT Canada, which I found a really good experience, as it enables everyone to get to communicate face to face with members of SFT from around the country. Where is this big thing of ours going? Where do we want it to go? How can we be the change we wish to see in the world?
What I found particularly interesting was a discussion we had about understanding ourselves within the context of a larger movement working for social, economic and environmental justice. It made me remember that while SFT’s focus is working for Tibetans, a lot of people here have been involved with a lot more – and will continue do – so much other stuff as well. There’s a wider vision to this shtick.
Anyways, back to it then.


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