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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

SFT Canada Board Party!!!

As you all know we had a Students for a Free Tibet Board of Directors meeting from the 20th to the 22nd of January. The meeting was a lot of work and we got a ton done in the short time we all had together but the board felt that, “all work and no play makes SFT Canada’s BOD a dull BOD”.

So on the Saturday of the weekend, after about 10 hours or so of SFT Canada business that we had all attended to, we got to work at putting together the best darn SFT Canada mini-fundraising party ever! And did we you ask? Well I’ll fill you in on some of the details and I’ll let you be the judge.

Well the night started off with some lovely momo’s which were lovingly and painstakingly made for us by Dawa, Tenzin, Karma, Gelek and Tashi. They tasted soooo good. Mmmm. While the momo’s were being made the board got the place looking less like a meeting place and more like a place for partying. We quickly got to prepping the place for some action, please note: no repelling was involved. We cleared the living room of any evidence that a meeting had taken place. Then we not so subtly placed a bar where main entrance was supposed to be. Add some mood lighting, SFT literature, music and a DVD showing some of successes SFT had enjoyed in the past and we were ready to begin. Pema began an impassioned speech, which ended with Akayo going around with a donation basket that was promptly filled. But that was by no means the end; I noticed that as people started to finish eating they also started to drink more. And in some crazy inverse relationship the increase in alcohol consumption led to a decrease in conversations on Tibet and a sharp increase in tactless humour. Somewhere between the pseudo dance contest, the arm wrestling and the “shot’s for Tibet” contest (it was Jack Daniel’s btw…ugh.) the night became a blur for me. But the bar did unusually well so I don’t think the board cared.

In all seriousness we were all so happy and amazed at the generosity of all our members and guests, as we raised somewhere in the area of $800.00, an excellent start. We have a long ways to go but the fun we had while opening our hearts and wallets made all the work we look forward to doing that much more worthwhile. I would like to thank on behalf of the board everyone who came out that night the music and the drinking and most definitely the fun lasted all of the evening and into the morning…at which point we cleaned up and the got ready for the next day’s work. Cause let’s be honest fun is fun but we were there to work for Tibet.

So if you were in the
Vancouver area and you missed us? Well then too bad sucka cause you missed out…don’t let it happen again. If you weren’t able to be there but you want to come out and support next time, then keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground for the next SFT event in your local area.

The SFT Board would also like to give a special thanks to:

Hiroko Turnbull for all the delicious sushi and chicken that left us feeling pleasantly full but thirsty. Nice work.

Chris for donating the keg of beer we all enjoyed so very, very….very much. You’re a man among men and you can bring a keg to my party any time.

And once again to the Tibetans mentioned earlier, without whom we would have no momo’s for our SFT party. And as every Tibet Supporter knows that would be just wrong.

posted by Kephun, SFT Canada's Board Chair


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